We Support:

Hill-Tribe and IDP Schools

Maw Kwee School
For Internally Displaced People (IDPs) and in some other remote areas, we support schools for children at the primary level. This picture shows the original Maw Kwee school that we supported in a partnership with a Karen education leader,who acquired the teachers, and the hill-tribe community who built the school.

University Students

Gadoh Receiving Degree
We support well over 200 students in colleges and universities in Burma, Bangladesh, India and Thailand. We prefer our students to study in the major language of their host country, and return to serve their people with their new found skills. As a result many of our graduates are serving refugees as agricultural and environmental experts, foresters, teachers, lawyers, nurses and other health care workers,and social aids. Gadoh pictured above receiving his degree is a forester.

Poor Families Needing Help for their Children

Chin Woman and Child
In Mizoram State, India, the principal deterent to education is poverty. Even if school is free, many of the poor cannot not afford to let their children, who might otherwise be working, spend the time to go to school. This Chin woman is asking for help so her child can attend school.

High School Students

Cynthias School
This picture shows a class in Dr. Cynthia's school having a discussion with Liz. We were the very first group to support education at Dr. Cynthia's Mae Tao Clinic in 1997. Her school is now one of the largest (over 1000 students) and best along the border.


Maw Kwee Teachers
Shown here is a group of Karen teachers, decked out in their finest Karen clothes. We support many teachers in Karen and Karenni IDP areas, and in other schools along the Thai Burma border.


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Where We Work

Where We Work
We work in the yellow elliptical areas in Bangladesh, Burma, Mizoram State India, and in Thailand along its border with Burma.


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