Enote 133                                                      October 16, 2017

Note to a Donor

Dear Friends,

This is the season we send out our materials to donors and ask for their support. We include a brochure about our work, a letter from our director Russell Brackett-- shown in the picture below --about the current situation of the refugees, and a note from one of us including whatever we want to say, but addressing some kind of an appeal for funds. Many of you are donors and thus know all about this, but some are not. This note is for the latter group, but others may find some thing of value as well.

Dear Friend,

There is never a good time to be a refugee, but some times are worse than others, and right now is a very bad time. Recently over 1/2 million Rohingyas have left Burma in fear for their lives, and thousands more are leaving every day.

But with your help and that of others like you-- some times and in some places --we can be there to offer friendship, hope, and a chance at a better life through education.

We Thank You for that.

The picture shows Russ Brackett, Executive Director of BREF, with Kachin refugee children along the Burma-China border.
Russ and Kachin
Russ with Kachin Refugee Children

We of course continue to work with all refugees from Burma. Here are some recent pictures of Karen, Chin, and Rohingyas.

Karen Student and Graduates
Karen graduates at a party in Mae Sot
Lindy with Students
Lindy with Chin refugee students
Rohingya Students
Rohingya and Bangala children in school

Finally I wanted to note that on his trip to Bangladesh, Russ met up with Bob Woodruff of ABC News, who had been invited by an other organization to visit the Rohingya flight from Burma to Bangladesh. His report was shown on the public broadcasting program Frontline. For those who missed it, it can be seen here.

Please remember the refugees we support this season and contribute what you can to help them.

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Remember your day is not complete until you have done someone a favor.

Please Donate.


Best Wishes to all,