Enote 132                                                      September 23, 2017

Kind Words

Dear Friends,

You have heard of Eh Thwa before. We started working with her to support a few schools in the IDP area of Burma in 2001, and that project has now grown to some 32 schools, well over a hundred teachers, and a few thousand children. Our first enote about our work with her in 2010 can be read here.

Every year she sends us reports on her project, including discussions of progress of the children --some now returning as teachers--, school buildings and facilities, and letters of appreciation written by teachers and children. For some years Eh Thwa has been receiving help from quite a few other agencies, and recently has been asking for our help in broadening her exposure. That of course we are happy to do.

However in one recent email she sent us her own statement about her project, it was so kind I thought I'd share it --slightly edited--with you.
Eh Thwa
Eh Thwa
I would like to say to you, Tom and all of the family and the Foundation who have helped me, trusted me and loved me so that I can work until now. If not for you I may not be here until now.

You know it's hard to work in my community as a woman. Many blame or accuse me but now the leaders and community know me more, and appreciate my work. Thank you so much to all of you.

Eh Thwa

Below I share some pictures of school activities in the IDP villages.
Children with new Uniforms
Children in new Uniforms
Teachers at a school
Teachers at Saw Bwe Dern
Boat on river with supplies
River Boat with Supplies
Children with new Uniforms
Cutting Logs for new School
A child's letter
A Child's Letter
School Children
School Children

Please remember what you have done with and for Eh Thwa and know that because you cared you helped.

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Remember your day is not complete until you have done someone a favor.

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Best Wishes to all,