Enote 131                                                      July 2, 2017

Reason to Celebrate

Dear Friends,

I heard some great news the other day, but to properly explain it I must start with Catherine Riley-Bryan, or MomoCat for short.

MomoCat is a nurse and Seventh-Day Adventist missionary who settled over ten years ago in a village near Sai Yok, a small Thai town lying close to the border with Burma, about half way between Kanchanaburi and Sangklaburi. She built a school (The Bamboo School) and a hospital for the refugees from Burma who came to her for education and treatment. She also drove an ambulance to Sai Yok for those who needed urgent medical care which she could not provide. We wrote a little more about her in a previous enote which you can find here.

Catherine Riley-Bryan
Hospital Ward Room
Recently Catherine became ill and we were worried about the long term management of her school and hospital. However earlier she took in a Burmese boy who studied and worked with her and became very fond of Catherine and her mission. He wanted to learn more medicine and return to her place and continue his help.

Meet your young Dr. Mowae, who has returned from his completed medical studies in the Phillippines to Bangkok to do his internship. And while Catherine's health seems to be improved, we have good reason to believe that the Bamboo School and the hospital will continue in good hands despite what the future holds.
Doctor Mowae Apisuttipanya

Please remember what you have done for him and rest comfortably with the knowledge that you cared and helped.

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