Enote 129                                                      May 2, 2017

An Email From Doug

Dear Friends,
Late this last February we got an email from Doug, our TRep coordinator He writes of many adventures including his swiming at Thoor Lar Sue Falls in Thailand see picture at far right. That's him at the bottom of the falls.I've inserted a clearer picture of him with Daruna and Liz at the bottom.
However he writes mainly of his students, and how he will miss them on his return home.

In Luang Prabang
He also writes of a short trip to Laos in which he took hiS friend Daruna, and a student Jareonsuk who had his first airplane trip and visit to Laos. He is shown infront of a Buddhist Temple in Luang Prabang.
And Rinda, surely you remember Rinda the Karen young woman who wanted to study to be a doctor of Chinese medicine. Well she finally got her degree which she shows with Ubanrot the Thai professor and Doug's thesis advisor.
In his own words, "I joined Craig and Julie for the next ten days in and around Mae Sot, meeting the nine continuing students they selected last year and interviewing thirty of their new applicants. They insisted that I still need to mentor them this year, but they did a great job on their own. ...

It was a special treat for me to watch Julie and Craig experience the same satisfaction from the involvement with the students that I have these past six years.
I attended Poysian’s capping, noting completion of her first two years of nursing college. The rest of the weekend was spent with more students and friends, including the amazing Momocat at Bamboo School, who added two more infants to the sixty-odd kids under her care."
Poisian with Nursing CapLia-Daruna & Doug
BlankDoug at the FallsBlank Horizontal Rule

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