Enote 128                                                      March 15, 2017

Maw Kwee Students Then and Now
Dear Friends,
This enote is merely to show you how your support has changed a few of the oppressed for the better at Maw Kwee village. You may recall that Maw Kwee is a village of "hill-tribe" people. That is a euphimism for uneducated people. We made our first trip to Maw Kwee in 2003, and got this picture of our prospective students.
After a few years children completed the offerings at Maw Kwee, and we were able to send some to No Boh Academy to finish their high school education and some even took two years of special studies beyond that.
Children at Maw Kwee
Skeptical Children on our Arrival 2003

These students are all graduates of No Boh Academy and have completed their two years of post high school study. Two are returning to Maw Kwee as teachers, two are starting medical care studies, and the other one is going to study the computer course at Mae Hla Refugee Camp.
I might mention in passing that BREF paid each student $42.86 for annual tuition at No Boh Academy. Not too bad if I do say so myself.
Maw Kwee Graduates from No Boh 2017
I should say we owe this to you and to Naw Tamla shown in the picture with Russ and Saw Lay Taw (in charge of the Maw Kwee Project). She looks after and helps us support many students in the Mae Sot area, and is the one who has looked after all of the graduates above. Tamla also has a special place in our hearts because she sent out our original invitation and was our first host and introduction too the Karen people. When I talk about educated Karen leaders helping their people I'm usually thinking of Naw Tamla. Our main success is bringing you into partnership with people like her.
Lay Taw, Russ and Tamla
Saw Lay Taw, Russ and Tamla
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