Enote 126                                                      December 28, 2016

Christmas Thoughts
Dear Friends,

A short time ago Doug Offentartz wrote that he and his Thai friend Daruna planned to take some of his Christian Karen students out to celebrate with a Christmas dinner, and following that he planned to take out some of his Muslim students. Get that now, Doug is Jewish, Daruna is Buddhist, and his students are either Christian or Muslim, and possibly one or two Animist. It's not about religion, it's about humanity! With compassionate people like Doug we can all celebrate.

But of course, there is only one Doug and our refugee friends number in the thousands, and I think of them. Perhaps a present or two and a modest celebration for the Christians among them, but in the camps certainly no feast, many will go hungry, and as for returning
Liz, Daruna and Doug
Liz with Daruna and Doug
home, despite their great desire there is no expectation of that, of course not all of them necessarily want to go home, they don't even know home, having lived all their lives in exile.

With the recent elections in Burma and the attempts at reconcillation some of us had dared to hope that peace would return, and that the refugees would be able to return soon. But as the struggles particularly of the Kachin and the Rohingya, continue and the current leader, Aung San Suu Kyi seemingly unable to stop the struggles and abuse of her people, hope for peace dwindles.

Please remember the refugees we serve during this season, and pray that peace will come again to that tortured land.
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