Enote 125                                                      November 3, 2016

The Donna Harvey Sonn Fund
Dear Friends,

About 10 years ago the wife of a friend died, and she wanted those who wished to donate to her memory to give to us. We decided with her husband David to establish a fund in her name to aid our students who needed medical help.

Well I'm here to tell you that after a decade of helping students with, among other things: an appendectomey, a pair of eye glasses, chemo for ovarian cancer, malnutrition, tuberculosis, high blood pressure, an operation on an infected ear, treatment for a lazy eye, and hospital costs; the fund is alive and well, and continuing to help our students in India, Burma, and Thailand. Donna Harvey
Donna Harvey
Most recently the Donna Harvey Fund helped a high school student in Aizawl, named Zothangsangi. She had suffered from bone cancer and had had a leg removed just below the knee. The fund paid for a prosthesis, and other expenses associated with fitting and transportation to school. Zothangsangi, has shown remarkable courage during her ordeal and has now graduated from high school. She is looking forward to further education. Click here for a picture of Zothangsangi with Lindy and look at enote 122.
About eight years ago I wrote to you about another young girl, a very politically active person who was determined to return to Burma after her education and fight for the rights of the poor and oppressed people there. She was so outspoken in her mission that I feared she would not survive in her homeland. Alas it was not to be, she acquired ovarian cancer before she finished school, and although the Donna Harvey supported her for chemo therapy, her condition became worse, and she returned home to her family to die.

But the Donna Harvey Fund lives on with the support of Donna's husband David Sonn, helping dozens of our students with their medical problems. For that we are very grateful indeed.

Oh, and before I finish talking about medicine, I should note that Dr. Cynthia may be about to win another international award. She is one of four finalists for the Humanitarian Hero Award 2016 to be given in Brussels on November 16. An article mentions that after opening her clinic in a rudimentary building with a dirt floor in 1988 she now serves 140,000 patients a year with a staff of 700. You can find the complete story here.
Cynthia in Hamilton
Cynthia in Hamilton
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