Enote 123                                                                 August 31, 2016

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Founder's House at Patkai College
Patkai College is a small school oriented toward the liberal arts, located near Dimapur, in Nagaland India. We first visited this place to meet some Karen students who had traveled the dangerous journey from Thailand through Burma to India to attend Patkai.

They have long since graduated, and one even got his Masters degree at the Oriental Theology School. All are now back in Thailand serving their people in various ways. Patkai remains for us a fond memory.
This view is taken from our hotel room in Champhai, a small city in Mizoram near its border with Burma. Mizoram is located in the foothills of the Himilaya mountains as their eastern end turns south toward the Indean Ocean. As a result Mizoram has almost no flat ground. We are told that the flat land in the picture is the largest single area of flat land seen in all of Mizoram.
View from hotel in Champhai

Meet Interesting People and learn from them:
Sharing Joke at Maw Kwee
This picture was taken in 2003 before we had actually started the school at Maw Kwee. Naw Tamla who had come with Saw Lay Taw to discuss the possibilities of a new school, shares a joke with the women in the village. Naw Tamla, in the sunglasses is well educated with a Masters degree in Zoology, the other hill-tribe women in this picture have had no more than 1 year of school.

Is it really in their best interest to have their children educated? We think so and fortunately the village leader agrees.
This venerable lady after serving many years as an educator in Burma, joined the refugees and migrant people living in Thailand. She came just as the migrant schools were starting. Along with helping them establish standards, she helped them organized as the Burmese Migrant Workers Education Committee. In this way they were able to contact and help one another, and finally to pursuade the Thai Ministry of Education to acknowledge them and thereby allow some interested students to enter Thai government schools.

Find your own friends, help them live a better life. Then live with their gratitude.
Some of our students
Just a small sample of some of the many many students we and our TReps have funded and nurtured through their university studies.

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