Enote 120                                                                 May 16, 2016

Dear Friends,

Left Banner Geraldine with her Graduate in Aizawl Left Banner
Geraldine with her graduate student and mother in Aizawl

Last Friday (May 6)) we had lunch with Geraldine Forbes, and her husband Skip. They had recently returned from India where she had held a visiting professorship. Ms. Forbes is a Distinguished Teaching Professor of History at the State University of New York, Oswego, and she also has been volunteering for us in Aizawl during her recent trip. We were delighted to have her interview a few university students thus helping Lindy Jackson our TRep for India. Geraldine had sent us notes from the interviews she had done, and it was immediately obvious that she knew what she was doing --or maybe it was just that one university professor writing to two aging university professors would find receptive ears. In either case we thought you might like to hear about a couple of our students in India from her notes:

"She is doing extremely well and will finish her degree in September. She has completed 25 subjects: 19 with Distinction, 6 in the First Division."

"She said she did not want to be a nurse but entered the program because it seemed like a good idea and her elder sister is a nurse (graduated 2014, also BF scholarship). However, now she is in the program, she has been inspired by her teachers and believes it is the right career for her."

"This was the most engaging interview of the lot. This fellow is extremely upbeat and positive about his course of study and future. He loves the MA program [in Psychology] and what he is learning."

As I was writing about Geraldine, it occurred to me that we have three other volunteers who we met for the first time this year. Alan Cooper joined us in March of 2015, and Julie and Craig Kurtz joined us in September of 2015 but again we met them on our trip last February. They are pictured in Mae Sot with students below.

Alan with a student
Alan interviewing a student
Julie and Craig with students
Julie & Craig with two students

And then I thought about the large number of volunteers we have, and how indebted we are to them. We have about 10 Western volunteers who travel and live at their own expense in Thailand, 2 or 3 Western volunteers who work in India, and about a dozen Asian volunteers, including project directors and others. And in some cases the Asian volunteers work with the Western volunteers. That is without fully realizing what we have done we have brought people from Australia, Canada, Peru, California, Colorado, Massachusetts, Missouri, and Montana together with people from Thailand, Mizoram, and Nagaland to work to help others!

Not too bad if I do say so myself.

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