Enote 118                                                                 Leap Day, 2016

Dear Friends,

We arrived in Bangkok at 11:35 pm on February 3, after a 30 something hour trip from Hamilton; exhausted. After a day's rest (having lunch and dinner with guests), we traqveled to Mae Sot the following day. After a fine breakfast at Canadian Dave's kitchen, we bumped into Victor Samboo one of our students at Mission College who is now a teacher at Mae Hla refugee camp. He was taking a group of students on a field trip. See picture below.

Later on I was leaving the Shoklo Malaria Research Unit after visiting Tip one of my early Thai Karen friends, who had helped me establish Dr. Cynthia's Child Development Center. It was Tip who explained to me that the Thai take a particular interest in schools, and it was in our best interest not to stimulate their interest in our educational projects. In short Cynthia could not have a school. Rather it was a Child Development Centetrand ever after it was known as Cynthia's CDC. See picture below of Tip.

As I was walking along the road after having just met Tip, a truck passed me going the other way. Shortly after I heard someone calling to me, Tom, Tom. I turned and saw the outstreched arms of Dr. Cynthia herself, and ran to the embrace. To be called in friendship by her, the 'Mother Teresa of the Burma Border', was surely enough to make my day. See Liz and I with Dr. Cynthia at her clinic, just below.

Liz, Cynthia & Tom

Liz, Cynthia & Tom

Samboo Victor

Victot Samboo & Tom


Tip at the SMRU

The following day we met Myron and Elaine Semkuley. We first met them well over 20 years ago at Dr. Cynthia's Mae Tao Clinic. Myron is a medical doctor who had come to volunteer his services at the Clinic. Myron and Elaine have established a medical agency, called Medical Mercy Canada. This group which seeks to spawn small medical clinics in various places of need almost anywhere in the world. We introduced them to the Mizo and Chin people in 2002. Myron is a big blustering Ukranian.

Of course we had a meeting with Eh Thwa the director of the Community Schools project. We started that in 2001 with support of three schools. Now she supports 32 schools inside Burma. We wanted you to see her picture in nontypical but colorful head-dress.

Eh Thwa

Eh Thwa


Myron & Elaine

It was a beautiful bitter-sweet day recalling old memories and saying goodbye to many old friends.

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