Enote 117

January 3, 2016; Have a Very Happy 2016!

Dear Friends,

Finally Hamilton has become cold enough to turn my thoughts to a much warmer place; Thailand. Right now Bangkok (see below for a winter scene) at somewhere between 60° and 90°F would feel pretty good to this old man. So Liz and I have now begun to start serious planning for our last trip to Thailand to see and say goodbye to our refugee friends.

Lumpini Park in Bangkok
Skyline of Bangkok as seen from Lumpini Park

Of course we are not supposed to actually do anything for BREF, that's reserved for other staff as part of a continuing orderly transition. In fact Chris Brackett will be going back sfter a hiatus of several years, to visit our projects and to advise the trustees on their needs and accomplishments, and his son Brian, already in Phuket, will travel to Mae Sot and other places to learn from his dad how we work. The transition is progressing.

Chris BrackettOur son Chris whom the Karen know very well
Hsa PawHsa Paw our student at the Rajaphat in Mae Sot.
Brian BrackettChris' son Brian who will soon meet the Karen

When we first met her, Hsa Paw was a little older than our typical Karen university students. She had an impressive record working for her people inculding abused women, victims of AIDS, and for the Karen Human Rights Group. We sent her to the Rajaphat at Mae Sot where she studied social work in 2002-3. In 2004 she left to resettle in Norway. I just found her on facebook a couple of days ago. She is now married and has a family. Just thought you'd like to know.

Best Wishes to all,

Tom Brackett
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