Enote 116

December 5, 2015

Dear Friends,

A couple of days ago I got a lovely card from a Karen woman wishing me a happy Thanksgiving holiday. It also expressed her gratitude for the help we had been able to give her at a tough time in her life. This brought back many memories of helping young men and women. Some of these refugees had found their way to Bangkok where they had hoped to find a job, but rather found themselves living in fear of being captured. Dah Dah who sent the card is pictured in a happier time at her birthday party in Mae Sot. By the way the Karen have a wonderful way of giving a birthday. Instead of lots of gifts and party food, friends stand up to tell the others stories of special events or acts of kindness showing the character of the person. It's a marvelous way of celebrating the life of the honoree.

Dah Dah at Birthday

As I write this BREF's new leadership is holding a meeting of Trustees without us. That of course is right and good, the way it should be. But Liz and I, not having been to Asia for almost two years now, are beginning to miss our friends, and we never did have the opportunity to say a proper good bye. Furthermore the three persons to whom my book is dedicated Naw Tamla and Kaw Rey Htoo, and Dr. Cynthia Maung have never received a copy. Surely I must give them one. So we are now planning one more trip to Thai border where I will see them, and once again my favorite mountain. All shown in the pictures below. The bottom row shows images indelibly etched in my mind. Just thought you'd like to see them.

Kaw Rey Htoo & TamlaKaw Rey Htoo and Tamla, our first Karen hostsKaren Girl at PooterI wonder what became of her and many others
Klo La GayThe sentinel mountain at my Asian homeCamp Gray HtaLives only in the minds of those who lived there
Dr. CynthiaDr. Cynthia whom we are honored to call friendSaw CreeSaw Cree hill-tribe village leader at Maw Kwee

Best Wishes to all,

Tom Brackett
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