Enote 115

October 29, 2015

Dear Friends,

Life has been very good to Liz and me in the last few months. We have been doing the old-age retirement thing: attending classes in a life-long learning program sponsered by Colgate, demonstrating and maintaining our fitness in a water exercise program three times a week, rehearsing to sing a Jazz Mass in our local church choir, and visiting our many friends. Even the weather has been cooperating, as can be seen from a picture I took from our bedroom window just two weeks ago. (I'd like to say that's a picture of our front yard but actually only the green part at the bottom of the picture is part of our front yard.)

Front View

I recently had the opportunity to write a short summary of our work with refugees which was placed in Encore.org. (You can see it here). And after having shared it on facebook, a surprising number of our former students responded with gracious comments of gratitude for our past help to them. Some students we haven't heard from in years. Indeed life has been wonderful.

And then I turned the page, as it were, and saw the following:

In a Boat

This is from yet another article --one from hundreds more-- about the suffering Rohingya people trying to find a place where they can simply live in peace. You can find the article here. No old-age retirement for them, no singing practice unless you mean wailing and tears, no beautiful views, and water exercise becomes a terrifying life and death matter.

What I can never bring myself to understand, is why it has to be this way.

Best Wishes to all,

Tom Brackett
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