Qnote 14
January 29, 2013

Three Interviews in Bangkok:

Dear Friends,
Today I'd like to talk about three young women BREF has seen in the Bangkok and Sangklaburi area.Nan Si Won

Nan Si Won you've seen before, and it is always a pleasure for us to see her again. She's easy to talk to because her English is very good, she's very bright (GPA 3.55), and she's very committed to her people. She is a nursing student at Assumption University who is currently finishing her third year. Read her words as she responds to our question,"What is the most important thing you learned this year just past, and why it is so important to you"?

The most important that I learned this year just past is Holistic and Child Bearing Nursing Care... All these three periods are very important for the mother and baby and nurses need skillful, active awareness and knowledge to be able to prevent maternal and child death. This subject is first priority for me to gain knowledge as much as possible because I am the one who will go back home in side Burma to set up a small clinic to help people inside. Also, the big number of dead inside Burma is mothers and children.

Nan Si is of Shan ethnicity, and when she has completed her BSc. in nursing, she wants to return to her home in central Shan state and establish a charity clinic for the health care of her poor friends and neighbors. When I hear that, of course, I immediately think of Dr. Cynthia, and asked, "Have you heard of Dr. Cynthia Maung"? "Oh yes", she responded, "I have visited her and I will return there after I have finished my studies here to learn more about medicine and the management of her clinic".

It's an easy and happy assurance that Nan Si will use the skills she is learning, with your gifts to benefit her people for years to come.

Daruna & RindaWe wrote to you about Rinda last year. You may recall that she is the student studying Chinese medicine. Last year's interview was not an easy one because she had to report to us that she did not pass her exams in Chinese Language. Well here she is again and pleased to report that she has passed thouse exams. We always knew that this course, requiring as it does proficiency in three languages (Thai, Chinese, and English) as well as most of the usual medical subjects, is very demanding. But we also knew that Rinda was nothing if not a very determined young woman. Starting in a class of over a hundred, last year it reduced to 91, now it is 56, and while Rinda has another three and one half years to go, she expects all her classmates will finish. Not only is Rinda's program very demanding, it is also very expensive. Fortunately we were able to recieve a grant form The Bernice Gould Memorial Fund at St. Paul's Episcopla Church to partially support her studies.

Rinda is shown here with Daruna one of our special Thai translators.

Back in 2005, we were able to help a Mon woman attend college. She wanted to be a science Joobjangteacher and we helped her attend Rajaphat Kanchanaburi. Science was not easy for her, but she was very determined and about 3 years ago finally got her degree. This year we were very interested in trying to re-establish contact with her. Suspecting that she might be teaching in her Mon community near Sangklaburi, we asked our current students if they had heard of her. To our surprise the students told us she was teaching science at Udomsittsuksa in the city of Sangklaburi itself!

JJ with Parents

Wait just a minute. They got on their ubiquitous cell phones. Talked a few moments in Thai, and told us she is on her way here to meet us!

Not only did she come by, but she tooks us to her home where for the first time we were able to meet her parents. Joob jang has two sisters. One is retarded and the other physically disabled by polio. The family seems to be able to cope fairly well despite these afflictions. Although we were barely able to understand one another, we had a wonderful meeting. The family were honored and very happy to meet us, as we were pleased to meet them.

Tomorrow back to Bangkok, and then on to Mae Sot.


Cheers and Best Wishes to all,