Qnote 11
December 20, 2012
Dear Friends,

First I'd like you to note the new look. I'm in the process of redoing our website and I expect it will conform to this general image. Please don't go looking for the new site yet. I hope to have it published before the end of the year.Karen Dance

Second I want to tell you that we have adopted a new service to manage our donations. It's called Donor Perfect. As part of that, a new mechanism to donate on-line is available. You may access that through our Donate button on the front page of our current website, or on the button below.

Also I wanted to share a picture taken at Asia Pacific International University of a Karen celebration. APIU has grown suddenly out of a much smaller school called Mission College. We have had students there for years in part because it offered a good education in English medium and was rather liberal in its requirements for citizenship identification.

Lastly a couple of gifts for Christmas in the form of letters of thanks and accomplishment from your students.

Letter 1.)

As for me, I finished my training as a house officer at MGH (Mandalay General Hospital), Mandalay Myanmar on 31st December, last year and got the M.B,B.S (Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery) degree from UMM (University of Medicine Mandalay) on 5th February, 2012. I aslo finished the training course for Registration for Medical Practitioners and got certificate from Myanmar Medical Council in 4th June, 2012.

For now, I'm currnetly working at Wesley Hospital, Kalaymyo, Myanmar which is run under the wings of the Methodist Church-Upper Myanmar (Tahan District) as a Medical Officer since 15th October, 2012 till now. I'm looking forward to be a doctor who not fight the disease only but give health care to the ill and unhealthy. I do have dream that in the future, I'll be a cardiologist fighting and trying hard the best for peoples in my country and be a role model for us Chin people youngsters, showing we can get anything if we really try hard enough. I do thank you for the scholarship for I couldn't come this far without your support. I do hope that you could help students like me to achieve their dreams more in the future.
With thanks and regards, Dr.Vanlal Zathang

Letter 2.)

I am Nan Si Won, a third year nursing student at Assumption University, Bangkok. After  I finished my first semester, I went on a holiday to visit my parents in Keng Tung, Shan State. While I was at my home, I met one health organization of Burma, working in a malaria program. They asked for Nan Si Wonvolunteers to join them and distribute mosquito nets to villagers who live in the mountains. I worked for them one week. Now I have returned to start my second semester. I am taking 17 credits in 6 subjects. I have no problem with my study. I can follow all subjects. I have earned my GPA 3.61. I have received two awards one from the school and the other from a community in Burma.

All the teachers here are very kind to me. They have taught me and guided me to be a good nurse.  Because I can speak many languages, when I have question or have any problem I can ask them easily. Also I have no difficulties or problems with my friends. They are very friendly. We love each other and help each other.

Finally, I would like to share with you one thing I disliked at our school last year. During the flood our school was closed almost 2 months. Normally, one semester is 5 months long. But after the flooding, our teachers and staff decided we had to do our work within 3 months. I think all students felt bad about that, especially nursing students because usually we have much work to do already and also we have practice in the hospital. Honestly, sometime I have no time to eat and take shower. But, now everything is going well. Thank you, Nan Si Won

Best Wishes to all for a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year,