qnote 10

November 6, 2012

Dear Friends,

Have you thought about the possibility of joining us in our work for refugees? Would you like to try your hand at helping others? I can tell you that the work is immensely rewarding; it has kept Liz and me engaged for the last 20 years. If the yen to get out into the world and do something for others has touched you, I want you to know we make it easy to start. Liz and I are now preparing our 21st trip to Asia, Indiaand we are seeking hearty souls to travel with us to India or Bangladesh; to see our work and perhaps to join us as a volunteer for a few years. I must warn you however, you can get caught up in this business, and you just might not want to stop.

The area we visit is not what we commonly imagine as India. It is not on the tourist route to Delhi, Varanasi, or Mumbai. These places, and Hindus and Muslims are all part of central India that vast region occupying at least 80% of the country.

Northeast India is that part shown in the map on the right, to the northeast of Bangladesh (in green) and just west of Burma (in purple). The area is culturally and religiously very different from central India. It is mainly Christian, and somewhat rebelious. We travel to Aizawl shown as the southernmost city in northeast India. It is the capitol of Mizoram state. The refugees there are Chin, and they will tell you they are 100% Christian. Our plans call for us to fly in from Calcutta to Aizawl on January 11, and to return on January 20. You need not necessarily stay with us the entire time, perhaps 4 or 5 days would be sufficient on this first trip. You might wish to combine this with a longer trip seeing other parts of India and Asia. Aizawl

The next picture shows a view of Aizawl. As you can imagine sightseeing in this remote land is very good.

This country is shown in green in the first map and you can see where it borders Burma again shown in blue. Below is a map which shows Cox's Bazar the southeastern most city in the country. We help street children there and we help children in the nearby Kutapalong refugee camp.


Cox's Bazar is actually a resort city with fine hotels and good beaches. The beach south of the city claims to be the longest unbroken for around 200 miles. You can take a holiday there after your visit, if you are so inclined. Although I doubt you would be so inclined after visiting the "most wronged people on earth". Rohingya Children

Our plans for this trip are still tentative, and indeed the trip may not take place at all. But if it does it will not start until late February, and will last 4 or 5 days. We will go with a person from "Children on the Edge", an NGO from the UK with which we work. Iif you are interested send us an email, and we'll send you further details as they get settled.

We'd be happy to have you join us. Call us at (315) 824-3435 if you would like to talk about the possibilities.

Best Wishes to all,