qnote 07

August 30, 2012

Man with DaughterDear Friends,

As you know each year about this time, Liz and I begin to think about our return to Asia, and our annual fund-raising campaign. Recently people have begun to ask --reminding me that I'm now 80 years old-- "when are you going to step down from this business and settle in to a comfortable life at home".

This picture is my answer. This man having lost two hands and one leg by a wretched landmine accident symbolizes the destructive folly of men, contrasted with his beautiful daughter filled with the limitless potential of God-given new life is a constant reminder to Liz and me of the good we can accomplish. What better gift can we give both the man and his daughter than to help her realize her potential to become an educated young woman living a wholesome, productive life in her homeland? That's why we are not yet quite ready to settled down to a life of ease at home.

I'd like to tell you Facebook users that we were nominated for a Chase Community Giving Award. The size of the gift will depend upon how many votes we receive from Chase and Facebook viewers. The voting is on September 6, and I would very much appreciate your, and your Facebook friend's vote. Please go herehere:

By the way I just heard a quote today that I like. "You can't live a perfect day without doing something for someone who will never be able to repay you." Look for others at John Wooden.

Best Wishes,