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July 13, 2012

ASSK & Robert LiebermannDear Friends,

I saw a fine film about Burma a week or two ago. "They Call It Myanmar", was taken surreptitiously inside Burma by Robert H. Lieberman a professor of physics and film maker at Cornell University in Ithaca. He is shown at left with Daw Suu, as she is fondly known by almost everybody in Burma.

The film shows the pain of a people held captive in a gorgeous but forbidding country. These scenes are expertly blended with segments from an interview with that Lady who is trying with every talent at her command to bring the peace her people so desperately need. Because of ignorance and long held animosities she may well not be able to do it. That is the tragedy.

One Burmese in the picture puts it this way, "I would love to see Burma one day become the kind of country where you can speak, read, write poetry the way your heart tells you to do it."

The film has many superlative reviews from major newspapers across the country. Check out the film clip here. Finally do yourself a favor and check out the screenings, and see the whole film.

Best Regards,