Enote 78 – Russ' Visit Finishes

February 26, 2012

Finishing Russ' Trip:

Dear Friends,

The excitement has died down a little bit; Liz and I are relaxing this Sunday afternoon after saying good bye to Alyson, Barbara and Janice our Mae Sot TReps, and recovering from our Alumni party last night. I'd first like to finish up on Russ' Trip and then give a few more events happening in Mae Sot. (For those of you who are just viewing our enotes for the first time, this note is really a continuation of enote 77. To see that clikck here.)

The next day after our visit with Hsa Say PoLo Russ with Rosiewe traveled to visit the Kler Day school teachers and the Maw Kwee hill-tribe school. The following day we stopped at Mae Sariang on our way to Mae Hong Son. There Russ met Hoppy and Judy Winfield and Hser Hti Moo, one of our graduates from Rangsit University who now works for the Karen Women's Organization. (Sorry no room for pictures.)

In the vicinity of Mae Hong Son, we visited the Ban Nai Soi Community Learning Center, now run by Rosie with help from Her mom and dad. Russ is shown with Rosie on a tour of the school. The meeting was a very good one which highlited the very good characteristics of the school. We also met that day with the leaders of Karenni Teachers Program, and discussed their work, and their needs for next year.

Next on to Chiang Mai where we met with Sha Bwe Moo and John Littleton. Sha Bwe Moo is the director of the Bwa Ker Taw IDP project, the one including the animist school of which we are very proud. John, shown at left with Liz and Russ is the Asian representative of Children on the Edge, the organization with which we plan to cooperate to help the Rohingyas in Bangladesh.

Finally the business was over, and Russ Chris and Russwas able to meet his brother Chris who lives in Chiang Mai. They spent a day together and by all reoprts had a great time.

Then it was off to Bangkok and departure home for Russell.

Later events in Mae Sot:

We stayed in Mae Sot had a surprise meeting with Dorcus Moo, who we thought was still in America, met with our Mae Sot Study Grant committee. discussing business with our TReps Alyson, Barbara and Janice, and held our annual Alumni party. Pictures of three are shown below.


In Closing:

As I reflect on the last few weeks, the project directors, the committees, the people we met at the party, I am happy to note that our "Leader-Intern" project ic clearly producing its intended results. Rosie at Nai Soi, Saw Sha Bwe Moo in Chaing Mai, Maw Htee Paw in Mae Sot, Tommy Kana in Umphang, Wassana in Murachai, Thay U Htoo with a resettlement committee, Purity with the UN, Piyawan with the IRC, Dorcus Moo with the Jewish World Service, Hey Soe teaching at two colleges, and Aung Win Shwe who was a Karen deligate to Burma in recent discussions on the KNU cease-fire, all of these people and actually many more that you have helped as students, have now matured and are working as leaders in service to their people. This is your heritage of help and hope to the refugees and oppressed people of Burma.

Have good day.


  • Feb. 29: Depart Mae Sot for Chiang Mai
  • Mar. 03: Depart Chiang Mai for Bangkok
  • Mar. 06: Depart Bangkok for Home

Thank you and Best Wishes,

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