Enote 66 – Gleanings

October 10, 2010

Dear Friends,

A number of you have joined us for the first time, and we are delighted to have you. Enotes are simply ways for us to keep you informed with occasional stories, reports, and news of our refugee friends, our Fund, and Burma. We keep a full archive of all of our enotes since the first one in April of 2003. You may see them here. Please write us back and tell us what you think. We are always interested to hear from you. 

Chris' Report: 
Christopher Brackett, our son, first joined us in Thailand in 2003. He has worked for us and the refugee people ever since. In addition to managing projects, and mentoring students, Chris also takes interested persons on informal trips to visit the refugees and to see our work with them. Because Chris now lives in Thailand, one may setup a visiting trip almost any time. Those of you who may be interested are invited to write Chris at brackett5@hotmail.com.

Recently Chris, our son who works for us and lives in Thailand, sent a report "From Nursery School to Na Sook Sa" (university student). It is about Dr. Cynthia's school from the time we first started it to the present day when we plan to offer scholarships to some of its high school graduates. You may read his report here.

Gleanings from Student emails:

Butsakorn at left writes: There are only my father my two younger siblings and I in my family. 

September Paw

My brother has stopped schooling because my father cannot afford to pay for his education, and now my father is getting too old. Now I stay at home with my younger sister, but next year I will graduate from high school and will have to go somewhere else to study. There will be no one to take care of my younger sister and I do not know where to send her to school. If I let my father return home to take care of my sister, we would not have enough money to pay for our education... I am very thankful to you for supporting my education. If it is not for you, I do not know if I would have a chance to further my studies.
I noticed that the translation was done by one of our former students namedSeptember Paw. She is shown above. 


Poverty and war have a way of breaking up families. Some times when the father dies, the mother must find another husband and it is not uncommon in such circumstances for her to leave her children behind. Here is part of Kannika's story told in her application: My father died last year. My mother remarried and now I live with and care for my grandfather and younger brother. I have another sister but she does not live with us. My brother is a little naughty and does not do well in school, but he is going.

Kannika is shown on the left.Sally
Last Saturday BREF had a meeting of its Board of Trustees. We have two meetings a year, and some of you will recall that last April we had brought the entire Board together and Dianne produced two short videos of TReps describing our journies to Thailand. If you haven't seen them you can see them here. This meeting was carried out by conference call using Skype. I must admit to a certain reluctance for these new technologies, and was a bit anxious about our ability to make this work. But all went very well.
We have a policy of limiting our Trustees tenure to two consecutive terms of five years, and Dianne has just finished her second term. We are all sorry to see her go, and I am sure we will continue to find ways to use her many talents, particularly her talents with the video camera, in the future. But my main point, and my delight is to introduce you to our new Trustee my daughter Sally Brackett. 
Sally has been interested in the Fund for years and has always been active in family discussions about our work and even traveled to Thailand to visit us.


Also for the last few years Sally has helped me correct and distribute these enotes to you. We are very happy to have Sally as a new member of our Board, and are looking forward to working with her.


  • Mailed Annual appeal.
  • Had Board meeting Saturday October 2.
  • Made five Planned Giving Visitsl.
  • Receiving student reports and making second payments.
  • Liz talked to Baptist women's group.


Those of you who are not on our mailing list should know that we make one appeal for support each year. Over the thirteen years since we started, we have supported: hundreds of students on university scholarships, scores of high school and vocational school students, about ten schools in Thailand and Burma, raising about $2million for this aid. Also we are the only charity group in Mizoram State, India supporting education for the Chin people. We ask you at this time to become a partner with us in our work. You may do this by clicking on the Donate Button below.

Thank you, and remember you are invited to visit us in Thailand or Mizoram next year.

Just as I was about to send this email, I saw this incredible video.

Best Wishes to you,


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