Enote 65 – Esther Studying Medicine

August 30, 2010

Report from a medical student in Burma:

EstherI'd like you to meet Esther Laldinthari. Esther is a Chin who left Mizoram to study in Burma. She is a fourth year medical student at the University of Medicine in Mandalay, Burma. Recently she wrote us a report part of which I share with you.

"I am Esther Laldinthari, studying Final Part 1, MBBS [Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery] at University of Medicine, Mandalay, Myanmar. This year, I am so healthy and I am happy in my Life and studying my course. My MBBS course may last up to 6 years and now, I am studying the 4th year course. In part1 we have many subjects, in theory (1) Pathology, (2) Forensic Studies, and (3) Preventive and Social medicine. In Clinical, I have (1) Surgery (2) Medicine (3) Pediatrics, (4) OG and (5) Urban Posting. All of them are so interesting. But among clinical subjects, both OG and Pediatrics I like best because I love children, especially twins. If I have a chance, I want to take further study for one of these two subjects after my MBBS course.

Esther in prenatal care

We have many teachers about 5 to 10 for each subject. Most of them are very good in teaching and treat the patient kindly. But some of them are not good in teaching and their teaching periods are so boring because they teach us as only as their duty.

The discipline of our school I like best because our Rector of the school is so strict: All students must attend the class and must have 75% attendance. If not full, he cannot access the examination. He is also strict on examination including small class tests. We have theory tests for 3 times and 1 practical test. We must pass all these tests if we fail one subject  two times in aclass test, we may be regarded as one year failure. So, I like it because we all are more work hard and try hard in studying.

I have many difficulties in my studies but some of them including financial problems are reduced by your kindness help. Now, the most distinct difficulties I have is I have no more books about medical books for further studies because most of them are so expensive and I cannot buy them. In Library, most of them are not present because our Library resources are not good, so most students buy them on their own.

During my free time, I enjoy reading and writing. I read all books including medical books and others that can give me a valuable knowledge. I also write some short essays in Burmese or in Mizo that can give knowledge to the public.


This year course is not same with other year because we are posted to Urban and Rural areas for Residential Field Training for about 3 weeks. We have finished that trip during march and April. We studied public health status, public sanitation and we have also done a survey for studying a relationship between proper hand-washing and cholera outbreak. We also opened clinics in many villages in free of charge. We gained many experiences and much knowledge during this trip.

I am so sorry for official copies of my mark sheet because our University does not give out our mark sheets, That will be only after finishing of my course. I want to apologize for that. I want to give my heartiest thanks for helping me and solving my financial problem. PS: I am not good in English, if there is mistake in my report for my English, please forgive and understand me."


I just learned that the National League for Democracy, the NLD, of Burma has disbanded. They have done this apparently because the party has come to realize that they simply cannot win in the upcoming election. BURMA ISSUES, a publication of the Peace Way Foundation, says, "The problem of a guaranteed 25 per cent of parliamentary seats being reserved for the military has been worsened by a number of senior Junta figures resigning from their posts to contest the elections as civilians." This move is expected to effectively increase the military's representation in parliament. They also report that temperatures up to 47 degrees, 117 degrees farenheit, have increased the death rate in Rangoon, and Mandalay.

Family Meeting:
This year Liz and I met with our sons and daughter, except Chris who stayed in Thailand, to discuss their role in future our work with refugees. Liz and I still are healthy and enthusiastic about our work, but we do need to prepare for a time when we will not be able to continue. We discussed the great variety of our responsibilities, and offered possibilities for them to consider. We were delighted when our eldest son Russell said that he would be happy to assume executive control of the Fund, but only after his own family responsibilities allowed, about 8 to 10 years. Our discussion covered the major areas of Development, Administration, Leadership, and Program.


  • Preparing Annual appeal.
  • Making new arrangments for Board meetings.
  • Prepared a Planned Giving appeal.
  • Continuing to execute agreements with our scholarship students.
  • Making travel arrangments.

Remember you are invited to visit us in Thailand or Mizoram next year.

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