Enote 62 – A Trustees Meeting

April 24, 2010

Meet some trustees:

This year Dianne Becker, our trustee from Missouri, and maker of those wonderful videos of our work in Thailand and most recently in India, brought her video camera to interview trustees and TReps on our work to find out their own perspectives. All the pictures below are taken as 'stills' from her video. The video will be available soon at our website: brackettfund.org, please watch for it.

Dear Friends,

It has been a very busy time for us preparing for a meeting of the Board of Trustees which was held this past Saturday April 17. People arrived from Connecticut, Missouri, New Jersey, New York and Texas, to attend a 2 hour meeting in the morning followed by a lunch and further discussion until about 4 in the afternoon.


Alyson Illich, see her picture immediately to the left, has been a TRep for several years, but this was her first meeting as a trustee. Last year Alyson provided a valuable service in helping us address problems of cultural sensitivity. She also introduced us to two of her friends who come regularly to work with us as TReps, Barbara Rydon, and Janice Santikarn.

Ted Brackett shown on the right, has helped us in the New Jersey and New York city area where he lives. Ted works as the artistic director of The Paper Bag Players, a children's theater group in the city. During meetings he strives to keep our minds focused on the needs of the children for whom we work. If you see the video you'll get the idea. I'm very proud of him. Of course, in the interests of complete disclosure, I should admit that he is my son.


Hoppy and Judy Winfield shown in this row, have been TReps for several years, and they talk about the special delights they have found working for our refugee friends.

Liz and I are also in the video, but you have seen us in brochures and other materials a number of times before, so I did not include pictures here.

One theme of the video is special honor our TReps feel in being able to serve these wonderful people. I encourage any of you who might feel inclined to 'come and see' to do so. We would love to have more people visit and perhaps work with us, and to spread the word about our good work.

The major business of the spring meeting is to adopt the budget Liz prepares on the basis of our recently completed trip to Asia. Because of your generosity, and the success of a few proposals we wrote for support of our work, we were able to fund all of our continuing and new students, and all of the projects we recommended.

In the meantime:

 The suffering on the Burmese people continues. I'd like to draw your attention to the Rohingyas, a muslim group of Burmese who are prohibited from being citizens in their own land. Many have been persecuted and driven west to Bangladesh. This country, impoverished as it is, cannot help these people. They do not want them, and are trying to drive them back into the hands of their tormentors. The refugees themselves are caught in the middle and some are starving. Read their story at Rescue for Rohingya and watch a short video frm the BBC atBurmese refugees face starvation. I am very concerned about these people and want to visit them if I possibly can next year. I hope to be able to find a way to bring our services to them.


  • Writing reports for the Trustees.
  • Preparing the new budget.
  • Updating the website.
  • Preparing talks.
  • Trustees meeting Agenda: Minutes, Review of Trip 2010, Review of Endowment Funds, Review of fundraising, Presentation and adoption of Grants for 2010, Nomination and election of Vice President, Trustee replacement for Dianne Becker, Future of the Fund discussion.

It was a very busy and meeting.

Let us know if any of you are interested in visiting us next year. Best Wishes to you,


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