Enote 60 – Snippets

February 05, 2010

Snippets from students:


Dear Friends,
Liz and I arrived in Bangkok about a week ago, and with Chris and the Shirleys, traveled to Kanchanaburi, Sai Yok, and Sangklaburi visiting project sites, interviewed students, and simply enjoyed the creature comforts of Thailand as compared with India. (Hot Showers, Clean Towels, Smooth Roads, Comfortable Vans, etc.)

Here in Bangkok we visited Simeon Brown (shown at left), a science student at Mahidol University. Simeon is a good pianist, preferring the classical composers Chopin, Beethoven and his favorite Bach. Like many Asian students, Simeon is not accustomed to independent thinking, and Liz and I recall, some years ago, when we asked him what he wanted to do with his life, he looked to his father for an answer. This year when I asked him about his favorite subject, he answered that a study of the European Elightenment was really interesting. He was particullarly interested in the spread of indepent thinking by the public, and was beginning to show some himself.

The other day we received a response to a question we commonly ask our students which I thought might interest you. The question is, "What is the most creative thing you have done in the last couple of years, and what prompted you to do it? The response: I helped a malformed person. One day I went shopping. When I came back a heavy rain was falling so I ran fast. But I saw the man who had no legs. He sits by the church and begs for money. This time he cannot remove from the rain by himself. When I saw the man I run to pick him up and carry him to a shop. After the rain stopped I carried him on my back about 5 to 6 kilometers to his home.

Catherine and the Bamboo School:

On the way from Kanchanaburi to Sangklaburi, we made a stop at Sai Yok to visit Catherine at the Bamboo School sheMomo Cat and the Shirleys founded about half a half dozen years ago. We had sent some students finishing classes at PiLoKi to her a couple of years ago, and we wanted to visit her operation. She is shown below with one of those students Nampueng. Catherine, a one time nurse and school teacher, is very clever at getting things done for her children. She has been able to get children accepted as students in Thai schools, and to receive ID cards, and even on occasion to get the UN to accept some people for resettlement. We were impressed with her operation, and will probably have Chris make a visit to assess opportunities for our further involvement with her project.

Myint Wei & Joe                 

Myint Wai and DEARBurma:
Myint Wai is the very energetic, very voluble, and somewhat unfocused founding director of DEARBurma.This program teaches Thai, Burmese, English, and computer to about 900 Burmese migrant workers in Bangkok. The picture above shows Liz, Joe Serrani, Myint Wai and Barbara Shirley, discussing a possible project for us in one of DEARBurma's libraries in southern Thailand.


  • Completed the details of our trip to India.
  • Visited students in Bangkok, Kanchanaburi, and Sangklaburi.
  • Visited Catherine Riley-Dyan at the Bamboo School.
  • Traveled to Chiang Mai.
  • Met and discussed plans with Hoppy and Judy Winfield.
  • Visited Shona Kirkwood and students in Chiang Mai.

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Thank you very much!


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