Enote 57 – Connections

October 22, 2009


Dear Friends,
Education is not the only thing we do. When we first entered Mizoram in 2000, we discovered that there were not any NGOs there helping the people. No people offering medical services, social services or anything else that we could see. Later we remarked on this to a doctor friend whom we had known in Mae Sot. Doctor Myron Semkuley is the founder and chief officer of Medical Mercy Canada, and we were able to bring him to Mizoram State in 2001. Now a clinic is being built to treat the poor in ZoKhawthar see picture to the left.
For this clinic a pharmacist, and a nurse are needed. No Kap, our principal helper in Champai and Zokhawthar tells us:

Yes , Medical Mercy intending to increase Staff when Health Centre building construction is completed. I will try to help as much as I can not only for Lalsiampuii but also Laltlanchhungi if possible. This is the fruit of your kindness and hard work for our Chin People they could study Pharmacy and Nursing by the help of you.

LalsiampuiiIt certainly isn't done yet, and it may not happen but it is good to know that we have a new nurse graduate, and a pharmacist trained in Burma who may possibly end up working at the new clinic helping their own people.


The picture left shows Lalsiampuii, our pharmacist, with her mother looking on proudly in the background also there is No Kap who wrote the email. Laltlangchhungi our nurse graduate is shown at the right, you may have seen her in school in the video we sent last year. Actually both No Kap and Laltlangchhungi star in that video. If you haven't seen it you may see it on our video.

Not all the news is happy however, in his email No Kap continues: One of my friend Miss Par Nei who is Primary School Headmistress in Burma border visited to me. And she said that very sad thing ..due to Myanmar Army ordered not to learn Chin Langues in Primary School since five years a go. So that some young people did not take Bible and Song books in the Church when worship because of they could not read and write Chin langues. She teaches in her School as much as she can.....Let us help them. I am very worry a bout that Many Chin people went to abroad as Refugees. There are many Burmese Teachers in Chin State I think Chin Langues may extinct one day .   Let's pray for Burma to get Real Democracy soon.

And the Crisis in Burma Continues:

  • See a listing of showings of a documentary on the Monks rebellion.
  • Read about children in forced labor.
  • Read an opinion in the Washington Post on the upcoming election in Burma.
  • See a report on a hunger strike by Burmese refugees at the UN.
  • Learn about extortion along the Asia highway.
  • The documentary the Eyes of the Storm is still there, and I still recommend it.
  • See an article from the Karen Human Rights Group about Burma' attempt to starve the Karen villagers.

All of these articles are available at http://www.brackettfund.org/articles.htm. just a click away. Give it a try. 



  • Sent out the annual campaign mailing.
  • Continuing to seek grants.
  • Giving some talks.
  • Beginning to plan our next trip to Asia.

So far the returns from our appeal have been very strong. We are grateful to all of you for your generous support, especially in this difficult time of economic uncertainty. We were delighted to hear that one clergy told his congregation that we were his favorite charity. You too can do likewise. Please think of some of your friends who might be interested in helping us and talk to them. We need all the help we can get. All of these efforts including your recommendations in Great Non-Profits can be of great help to us.

Thank you very much!


Your day is not finished until you've done someone a favor.