Enote 55 – The War Accelerates

July 07, 2009

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The War Accelerates:

Pensive Karen GirlFor the last two or three months, we have been hearing ominous reports that the military have stepped up their fighting and harassment of the Karen people.

The Karen Human Rights Group have reported on confiscation of land, forced recruitment into the ‘People’s Militia, forced labor, and other abuses of the Karen, including use of ‘human minesweepers’.

The Irrawaddy, a newspaper covering Burma and Southeast Asia, reports that the people in Mae Hla, the largest refugee camp in Thailand, fear an attack by soldiers of the Democratic Karen Buddhist Army. The Burmese have entered Thai soil before to carry out attacks against the refugees.

The Epoch Times reporting on the  " ‘scorched earth’ policy of burning tribal villages, plundering their rice fields, and shooting livestock. [The soldiers] upon ‘cleansing’ a village, lay mines so the survivors cannot return". They go on to say, “The motivation is purely genocidal exploitation aimed at eliminating the tribal minorities so the SPDC can plunder the country's natural resources.”

Meanwhile Bertil Lintner in a July 2, article in the Wall Street Journal describes Ban Ki-moon’s trip to Burma as a “Mission to Nowhere”.

Perhaps the most disturbing of all is the report from Mizzima, an organization specializing in Burma related news, of a “new order on the Thai-Burma border, [attendant on] victory over KNU”.

These articles are available on our site at http://www.brackettfund.org/articles.htm. just a click away. In short the Karen are becoming exhausted by their never ending struggle

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