Enote 36 – Name Change

May 31, 2007

Name Change:


LizNotice our new name. We hope you like it. Actually it is not really a change in name at all. We remain the Brackett Foundation, but in legal parlance, we are doing business as, the Brackett Refugee Education Fund. All understandings, agreements and contracts you may have with the Brackett Foundation remain in effect without change. 

We have made this change for two reasons. First the original name said nothing at all about what we do. We wanted to be clear from the outset to people who do not know us, that we are dedicated to education for refugee people. Second we did not want to be confused with a foundation set up with a family fortune. Officially we are a 'public charity' registered in New York State, and over the last ten years 80% of our funds have been donated by sources not related to our family.


The pace of resettlement from Thailand is picking up. We know of refugees who have been resettled in Australia, Canada, Holland, Norway, Sweden, and just within the last couple of days resettlement in Oregon, Texas, South Carolina has been announced. The issue weighs heavily on the minds of most NGO workers in Thailand. Some Sutiscountries will only accept the most highly trained, and best educated refugees. The camps are losing their teachers, medical workers and leaders. Those who remain are left in an even more difficult situation. For our part we continue to educate, trying carefully to select those who will stay to become the teachers, nurses, and social workers so badly needed along the border. Saw Sutis is an example. His words, given below, are slightly edited for this note.

I am Sutis I am very grateful to you, since I was a child when my parents deserted me I always know my life will be different from other children who have a father and mother. Though some family may be a poor family but they have happiness. For children like me ,when we will do something we always should be very careful. If we make mistake nobody will give our heart power or nobody will help solve. We must control our self to do everything right. It is important for our life to get better.

I am very thank you the Brackett Foundation for if I did not get this scholarship my future will be darkness like other orphaned children. … This scholarship makes me get many good things, such as opportunity, experience and makes me have better life like those who live with a family, so I very thanks you for support me and understand my life.

I am very thanks you for help me and when I finish my program I really have in mind to be useful for other people.
Mr. Sutis


As some of you know, this is the beginning of our tenth year of operation. Liz and I have been thinking a lot about how best to support the Fund so that it may continue beyond our ability to work for it. (Not that either one of us is ready to give up soon.) Many things must come together for the Fund to survive us. It must have new leadership, new overseas workers, and solid financial support. We are working on all of these things. We are seeking to raise one million dollars for our endowment over the next five years. Last year, the Virginia Wellington Cabot Foundation gave us forty thousand dollars, and the promise of another twenty thousand dollars if we can raise an equivalent amount by September 1, 2007. If you have thought about doing something for us in this manner, this is an excellent time to double the value of your gift.

*If donating to the endowment, please indicate this on your check or to JustGive, so we can use matching funds.*

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