Enote 31 – Sa Shine

December 01, 2006

The Evolving Situation for Refugees:

The last enote commented on the coup d'etat in Thailand. That is not the only thing having an effect on the refugee situation. I will give a brief list of the major events effecting the refugees.

  • Lack of productive work, boredom, and depression may have contributed to a riot in Mae Hla camp on Wednesday November 8.
  • Thailand's new government said in October that improving the living conditions for the refugees is its third highest priority, after national reconciliation, and dealing with communal unrest in the southern part of the country.
  • Meanwhile the killing of the ethnic groups by the Burmese army continues. See the article: http://seattlepi.nwsource.com/national/1104AP_Myanmar_Offensive.html. Recent efforts by the Karen government to discuss a cease fire, were snubbed by the government, and the latter have stepped up their attacks on the Karen people and military units. These events cause some to speculate that after over fifty years the end of the Karen resistance may be near.

Also our own work continues.

Architecture Student Wins Award:

Sa ShineSa Shine is one of our students at Assumption University in Bangkok. He is our only student majoring in architecture. We just found out that he has won an award for his project on roof top farming. You may be able to discern the green roof tops in his exhibit shown in the picture. I'll let excerpts from his report tell the story.

My third year first semester began on 29 May 2006 and end on 12 October 2006. I took 18 credits, five subjects, and earned 3.35 GPA for that term.

In Architecture Design III we did two projects and a competition project from outside. ... The national level competition was divided in to two parts. One is for student award and the other is for architect award. My work, Bangkok City Roof Farming, was selected for the 20 different design awards 2006. ... Yesterday was one of the happiest days in my life. I got a certificate.

Personal Note:

On Friday night October 27, during a trip to New York city, I suffered a slight stroke. I went to Mt. Sinai hospital, and stayed there for about a week, while many tests were done to locate the source of the problem. An area of plaque in my right carotid artery was found and it was covered by a stent. I am left with a slight deficit in my left arm, but am feeling well, and am planning to take our trip to Asia on schedule.

How Can I Help?
(Dec. 1) We will mail out a reminder to those who have contributed in the past, but have not given yet this year.) If you are on our mailing list, and you have not received our mailing by now, please tell us. If you are not on our mailing list, please consider making a donation to our work through JustGive.
We are interested in taking more visitors to see our work in Thailand and particularly in India. Consider volunteering for a couple of weeks. (Dates for India trip. Jan 18-29.) (Dates for Thai trip Jan 10-18 or Jan. 30 –Mar 18.)
We would enjoy coming to your community and giving a talk about our work. Consider setting up a forum or place where we can speak about the refugees and our work. It is not too early to book now for next spring.


  • Oct. 10-17: Requesting, Receiving Student Reports, and Sending Second Payments to Students; Preparation for Trustees Meeting.
  • Oct. 22: Fall Trustees Meeting.
  • Oct. 27-Nov. 4: Hospital.
  • Oct. 6- to present: Receiving and acknowledging 286 annual donations.

Wishing you a very happy holiday season,
Tom & Liz Brackett

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