Enote 29 – Brackett Family

August 26, 2006

Succession Issues

It is probably not news to most of you, that we, Tom and Liz Brackett, are in our seventies. And although we are not ready to give up our tasks soon, we must consider the long-term future of our organization. The refugees from Burma clearly continue to need our help, and at the rate the political situation is changing, they will continue to need that help for some time to come. Furthermore we believe our work for the refugee from Burma can serve as a good model for refugees in many places in the world, and we expect our Foundation will continue to find new areas in the world where it may serve.
We have taken the several steps to help a transition along. We have recruited volunteers to join us to help us in our work in Asia.. We have started an endowment fund to help provide financial stability to our organization. We have consulted with several parties about ways to make our transition easier. And just this past week we had our second meeting with our own children about succession issues.
Right now it is us and our son Christopher who represent the faces and the voices of the Brackett Foundation to people in Asia, and the United States. If the Foundation is to survive us, that must change. You need to hear new voices, and see faces involved with our work.

New Faces for the Foundation

Here are some of the new faces of the Foundation. We have four sons and one daughter. Our daughter Sally is shown sitting with us in the front row. Our sons, the young men in the picture are from the left: Ted with the bushy red hair, an actor in the children's theater group The Paper Bag Players in New York; Russ, a business consultant, and recent participant in a meeting discussing succession issues; Phil, the manager of our endowment; and Chris, our representative in Thailand. Penelope, Ted's wife, is in front of Ted, and to Russ' right while Cristy, Russ' wife, is to Russ' left, and Catherine, between Ted and Phil, is Phil's wife. It has been a great pleasure for Liz and I to see the enthusiasm and willingness of our children to accept the responsibility for the activities of the Foundation when ever it becomes necessary. Cristy and Phil are already Trustees of the Foundation, Ted has agreed to look into planned giving, Sally has taken over the task of creating and delivering these enotes to you, Chris has been working for us in Thailand for several years, and others have welcomed us into their communities to give talks to their friends about our work. All agreed to accept additional tasks in fund raising, management, and communications. It is our intention that you will be hearing a lot more about and from them in the future.

How Can I Help?

We are always seeking to introduce new people to our work. You can talk to your friends about us and ask if they would be willing to be put on our mailing list.

We are interested in taking more visitors to see our work in Thailand and particularly in India. Consider volunteering for a couple of weeks.
We would enjoy coming to your community and giving a talk about our work. Consider setting up a forum or place where we can speak about the refugees and our work.


  • Jul 6: Meeting with Graphic Designer planning Brochure.
  • Jul 24: Lunch with donors.
  • Jul 25: Meet with Development Group.
  • Aug 5-6: Succession Planning Meeting Russ, Chris, Dianne, Hoppy, Ron & Sue Myers.
  • Aug 8: Follow-up to Succession Meeting Ron & Sue Myers.
  • Aug 15: Family Meeting.
  • Aug 17: Family Meeting.
  • Aug 20,21: Lunch with donors.

Best regards to all of you, and please do think about ways you can continue to help us, and our refugee friends.

Tom & Liz Brackett

Your day is not finished until you've done someone a favor.