Enote 21 – Hill-tribe Karen Boy with Horn

October 05, 2005


As part of a continuing process of involving others in our work, I am happy to announce that our daughter, Sally Brackett, has agreed to assume the role of editor of our enotes.  Any questions about the notes may be submitted to her at Sally_Brackett@hotmail.com.   Thanks again Sally.

Sha Bwe Moo with Horn

Sha Bwe Moo with HornThose of you who receive our brochure will recall this picture of Sha Bwe Moo, and the one below showing a hill-tribe Karen boy playing the Kweh, a Karen instrument made from the horn of a water buffalo. Sha Bwe Moo was born into a hill-tribe village and farming community, and he remembers fondly his early life taking care of animals and eating,  "palmelos, oranges, papayas, guavas, bananas, pineapples, and mangoes.  They were free to anybody."   Because of his love for his community, he returns every year to share his new knowledge on the environment with his community.  "It was the worst that some of them used DDT to catch fish.  Their place needed neither fertilizer or pesticides, but people who wanted to sell pesticides persuaded them in many ways.  They used so much DDT in the water that the fish were killed, and then they ate them.  Luckily I got back there in time and was able to tell the local leaders the dangerous consequences of such use and persuaded them to Boy with Hornban it completely.  Some people still have sickness from too much DDT in their bodies.  I think my studies will be helpful to my people, to help them stop animal trading, deforestation, and chemical use."  More recently Sha Bwe Moo told us that he took a group of his student friends, all rather well-to-do Thai, on a trip to the border where he could talk with them about the environment.  In their journey they happened upon a small group of IDPs, Internally Displaced Persons who had been driven from their homes by the Burmese army.   Sha Bwe Moo was concerned that the Thai would report the people to their Thai parents and to the authorities.  Instead they took up a collection among themselves and gave the money to the people.  When Sha Bwe Moo finishes his degree, I am confident he will be of good service to his people.


  • Prepared and mailed 4000 letters to prospective donors.  We received a great deal of help from Hamiltonians Paula Phillips, Carolyn Dearnaley, Mia Martineau, Marlene Houck, John Novak, Jim Reynolds,  Kathy Sabino; Colgate students, Jon Riedel, Charley Burkly, Laura Simocko; and local Hamilton Central School student  Mike Quackenbush.  Many, many thanks to you all for that help.
  • Preparing for our semi-annual meeting of the Board of Trustees on October 15, 2005.
  • Formulating plans for our next trip to Asia, and discussing them with those who will accompany us.  We are full this year; those who wish to visit with us next year are encouraged to apply in early spring.
  • Continuing plans with Pat Duggan and Penelope Ramsay of the Australian based Indigo Foundation, about our trip to Mizoram State.


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