Enote 20 – Lalsiampuii in Native Dress

August 29, 2005

A New Format

Ever since we have started enotes, we have been trying to find the right form to deliver them to you.  We are trying a new email distribution service, Constant Contact -despite the name we will only contact you about ten times a year.  We hope you find this enote easy to read, but if you have questions get back to me at the email given below.  Thanks again for your interest and support.

LalsiampuiiThis young woman is shown in the traditional costume of her Mizo tribe. In the distant background just to her left, is the river Tiau which separates Burma from India. The small Indian town of Zokawthar is seen bordering the river, and the mountains of Burma are seen over her right shoulder.
We met Lalsiampuii's parents in Zokawthar, and agreed to help her attend the College of Pharmacy at a university in Mandalay. She writes, "I usually study my lessons 5 hours per day and always start my studies with praying and reading the Bible." Not your typical university student. We hope to meet her when we return next January.

When in Mae Sot, last February, Liz and I received about 15 applications from students wanting to attend the Peace Education Center. They were applying just like our other students who were going to recognized colleges and universities in Thailand, but we had never heard of the Peace Education Center. We turned down the individual applications, but decided we would support PEC as a project.

Peace Education CenterSaw Mu Htaw, shown at the bottom center and his wife Sweet on his left, are the founders and guiding lights of PEC. He left his graduate studies in teaching at Columbia two years ago to try out some of his ideas for education in the third world. In his words: "PEC is not a school which young people enter, go through, and graduate from. PEC will be an organization that works for the development of Karen community through education." It would take too long to fully explain Saw Mu Htaw's and Sweet's dream
here. As for ourselves, we are absolutely delighted to see the beginnings of a Karen organization "that works for the development of Karen community through education".

The Endowment

Just a reminder to think of us when you are thinking about the legacy you will leave. We have started to build an endowment to give the Foundation some financial stability, so that we may continue to help refugees the future. If you would like to make a one-time donation to our endowment, please contact us at the address below.

August Activities

  • Met with advisors for help on structuring the Foundation for the future.
  • Met with family and discussed our recent work.
  • Preparing annual fund-raising letter and brochure.
  • Continuing correspondence with students: reports, money transfers, and support.

Warren Ramshaw
Just a note to say that Warren Ramshaw, a long time colleague, friend and advisor to the Foundation died on Sunday August 21, 2005. We will miss him greatly.

Thank you for your interest in our work.
We wish you a happy and healthy end of the summer,
Tom & Liz

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