Enote 111 – A Big Weekend Coming Soon!

May 3, 2015

Dear Friends,

So, have you wondered what Tom Brackett would do when he stepped down as Executive Director of the Brackett Refugee Education Fund? He writes a book! We are proud to announce that the book is published! And we picked a special weekend to launch the book - Graduation Weekend.

Liz & Tom will be receiving honorary doctorates from Colgate University, where they taught for many decades. Their PhD's in chemistry will always be from Berkeley. But an Honorary Doctorate is one you can't study for. You must live it!

The trustees of the Brackett Refugee Education Fund have always known that our founders are extraordinary, but it's wonderful that Colgate University agrees.

In celebration of the new book we will host a Book Signing and we'd love to have you join us. Have you read any DIY books? This is one you'll want to pick up, Do-It-Yourself Foreign Aid: One Couple's Mission to Save the World.

If you're in the Hamilton area, please join us Saturday morning, May 16, at 10am at the Colgate University bookstore, third floor. Many of the trustees will be gathering - we'd love to meet you. Bring friends and pick up your copy of Do-It-Yourself Foreign Aid and get it autographed by the author. We hope to see you there!



We are grateful that many donors continue to support BREF, and we are very happy that new donors have joined our cause. We are sure that BREF will be stronger as a younger, more energetic group takes over.

                                Best Wishes to all,


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