Enote 108 – Celebration

November 22, 2014

Dear Friends,

I wanted to tell you about our party celebrating Board of Trusteesour partnership with you over the past 17 years, and heralding BREF's new leadership. It was a remarkable event for Hamilton.

It started off with a meeting of our Board of Trustees (they are from left to right: our son Russell who is the BREF's new Director; Adger Williams, our only Hamiltonian; our daughter Sally who is Secretary of the Board; our son Theodore; DeForest Winfield, who travels each year to Thailand to work for BREF; our son Phillip who is the new Treasurer; Doug Offenhartz who also travels each year to work for BREF; and Dianne who is Chair of the Board. Mark Sommer, also a Trustee, arrived for the meeting just after this picture. Notice that Liz and I were not present. We are no longer on the Board, although we continue to advise now and then. After the meeting they were able to spend the evening relaxing and dining together. We heard reports the evening was enjoyed by all and gave them an opportunity to come to know one another better.

Early Board of TrusteesI included this picture to show you the composition of the Board in 2002. It includes Hannah Newhall, a Colgate student who visited the refugee camps with us at a very dangerous time in 1995 and visited them again after her graduation in 1997. The other members at that time were the founders, myself, John Novak, and Liz.

The next picture shows Liz and me with the Torch. Simon Williams who had volunteeredLiz, I and the Torch for us last summer decided that we needed an actual torch to pass so she made this one for us. We were very pleased to hold it a short time before handing it over to our son Russell. I was a little dismayed to see that after everyone had left, the Torch had been left behind at our house.

Group at the Party

On the left is shown part of the group assembled at the party. Over one hundred persons attended. Several old friends who had left Hamilton years ago, some refugees whom we had known from our first trips to Asia, retiring Board member Alyson Illich who also travels to Asia for BREF, other recent visitors who now volunteer with us, it was thrilling to have them all. My only sorrow was that I couldn't spend enough time to visit everyone. The party did however accomplish the intended result, to have our partners meet the new leadership.

Mark Sommer

We have scores of pictures like this --people who have never known one another before-- talking about BREF. I did want to show this one because it shows Mark Sommer on the right, one of my former students and now a Trustee, talking to Paul Noyes, the husband of Judy Noyes who traveled for BREF to the Kanchanaburi Sangklaburi area now handled by Doug Offenhartz.

Finally my favorite picture showing Russell with the Torch, and Dianne Becker Chair of the Board at the podium.

Russ with Torch

We are grateful that many donors continue to support BREF, and we are very happy that new donors have joined our cause. We are sure that BREF will be stronger as a younger, more energetic group takes over.

                                Best Wishes to all,


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