Enote 104 – Return Home

April 13, 2014

Dear Friends,

New Home Page

Late last year a friend and strong supporter of BREF suggested that we hire a group of college students to revamp our website. In her words to "freshen it up" a little. She knew of a group who could do the work, and said she would cover the costs. As the person who maintained the website, yours truly was delighted at the prospect of a new look for our internet presence. Although I must say I was a little anxious about how I would be able to continue with the new site as I had done before. Also I suppose I was a little defensive about preserving my own best efforts.

To say the least I was delighted when one member of the Board stepped up to volunteer as the next website manager, and further I was delighted when I began to see the changes being made. Take a peek on the right at what you will soon see at http://brackettfund.org.

104School Graduation

This year Liz and I have been focusing on gathering figures on BREF's accomplishments. As you know we support education at all levels from primary through university. But how many children do we actually support at the various levels? And how many do we support in India, Bangladesh, Thailand and Burma? These numbers are sometimes difficult to get, and even more so when the effect is indirect, as for example when we support about 50 teachers in the IDP area of Karenni State. How many children does that help?

One day when I was thinking about these matters, I got an email from a person saying, you may not remember me, but you sent me to a University in Burma from 2004 to 2008. I am now principal of a school in Burma, and the picture on the left shows me on the bottom right corner with my graduating class. It was then I realized that I will never to be able to assess BREF's impact on the people we serve. I lack the imagination.


Liz & Tom in Patan, Nepal

Finally my excuse for not getting to you sooner, is that we have been very busy, among other things preparing for a meeting of our Board of Trustees. Liz preparing budgets, me writing reports, and both of us making recommendations. As we have done in the past, we discussed issues surrounding the sharing of our responsibilities. With both Liz and I in our eighties, we seek to make a smooth transition to future leadership.  Our trustees are taking on more of the duties of BREF. 

When our work in Asia is concluded, we usually take a short holiday in a nearby country. This year we went to Nepal, a beautiful small country nestled between India and China. How it has maintained its political and religious independence is still a mystery. I was surprised to find many well-preserved towns and villages with buildings dating from the middle ages. The picture at right shows us enjoying Patan, a town near Kathmandu.

We are all now safe in Bangkok. Our work finished for this trip, Liz and I are looking forward to a vacation in Nepal, arranged by Ashok Basnyat. He was recommended to us by Pam Novak who has made many trips to Nepal and neighboring Tibet. We'll tell you how it goes later.

Best Wishes to all,


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