Enote 05 – Helping with Mailing

September 16, 2003


The season of the harvest approaches, the time when we have our annual campaign to raise funds for our work. We have just sent out our annual fund-raising letter and brochure. For those of you, not on our mailing list, who would like a brochure, please send us your post address and we’ll see that you get one. Our work is completely financed by individual donations by ourselves, and by our friends like you. You can send a check to us at our post address which is shown below, or you can donate to us at justgive.org by using a credit card. Try clicking here.

How much of my donation will actually reach the refugee population for whom it is intended?

100% if you donate by check, 97% if you pay by visa card through the internet. The small amount of our expenses related to overhead and fund-raising costs, about 7%, is more than covered by donations from the Trustees of the Foundation.

Is your organization tax exempt?

Yes, we are a 501(c)(3) organization, which means that your donations are fully tax deductible. We will send you an acknowledgement suitable for tax purposes.

Colgate COVE Helpers of the Month

Each year our Foundation has an annual campaign to raise funds for our operation the following year. Our primaryHelpers at work method of doing this is to mail a packet with a brochure about our work, a letter requesting support, and a return envelope to our donors. Over the years the mailing has grown to over 2500 persons, and the simple act of labeling, stuffing, and sealing envelopes has gotten to be quite a chore.

This year we asked the COVE, the Center for Outreach, Volunteerism and Education, a Colgate program to promote student engagement with volunteer work in the community and elsewhere, for help. After one or two phone calls and a couple of days, fifteen students showed up on our door step, temporarily took over the house, and with speed only the young can sustain, did the whole job in four hours. After that they smiled sweetly, posed for a picture and left us breathless. Thanks Colgate!

Current Activities

  • Visiting supporters in the Hamilton area.
  • Developing Colgate student participation.
  • Held a semi-annual Board of Trustees Meeting.
  • Mailing for the annual donation campaign.
  • Receiving reports from sixty college students in Thailand and sending each of them a second payment.


Tom & Liz

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