Enote 03 – Landmine Victim

June 30, 2003


Readers of our newsletter will remember last summer we visited the Whitney Museum to see the works of a Burmese photographer, and there found the portrait of one of our students. Since then we have put Chan Chao, the artist, in contact with the Director of the Picker Art Gallery, and an exhibition is scheduled at Colgate this coming fall. We’ll keep you posted with the details.

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Is it possible to visit refugees from Burma and to see their homes and their schools?

Yes it certainly is. In fact it is rather easy in Thailand, but more difficult in India. In Thailand all it requires is: a visa, a plane ticket, and about a week for the visit. It helps to go with someone who knows the area and has some contact with the people. The Bracketts return there annually in January, February and March and would be happy to assist interested persons. Food and room costs vary widely, but outside of Bangkok they average about $25 a day. Contact us if you are interested.

Student of the Month PawPaw

Paw PawPaw Paw gets our award for courage and cheer despite pain and terror. As we heard the story, a few years ago she was found in Thailand bleeding and crying, the victim of a landmine. She was brought first to Dr. Cynthia’s Clinic where she captured the heart of a visiting American doctor. She was taken to the Mae Sot Hospital for an amputation of her right leg. Two years ago she was seen at Dr. Cynthia’s School happily hopping up and down stairs on one leg while carrying a small child. Here we see her as she looked last February, using a crutch while waiting for her new prosthesis. Girls her age grow rapidly.

Current Activities

  • Liz & Tom gave a talk to a local Historical Society
  • Meeting with the Hamilton Area Leadership Council who advised us to organize a new Development Group.
  • Meetings with various people and our newly organized Development Group on issues related to growth and the future.
  • Working on a booth and participating in the Fourth of July celebration in Hamilton.


Tom & Liz

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