Enote 01 – Naw Paw Eh Hser

April 30, 2003


Our emails from Asia have been so enthusiastically received, that we thought we might try them while we are at home.  We currently plan on about one short email (we call it an enote) a month.  The enote will have one picture with description, one question and answer, and a list of current activities.  Occasionally we will have a longer story or report which we shall include as an attached file.

Meet Paw Eh Hser

Paw Eh HserPaw Eh Hser gets our award for perseverance. Because her parents could not afford to send her to school, at eleven years of age Paw Eh Hser left home to begin work as a maid and caregiver.  She worked for three years to finish middle school.  Each day she walked two kilometers sometimes in the rain, always without an umbrella which she could not afford.  When she returned home, her parents wanted her to stop school, but she begged them to allow her to continue.  Finally a teacher said that if she wanted to work for her, she could continue and finish high school.  When we met her in March, Paw Eh Hser had been working and attending a weekend college for two years.  But now finances have become more difficult and she could not finish without our help.

Current Activities

  • Made decisions to support 3 new projects, 17 new interns and 15 new study grants.
  • Working to establish a new school across the Kwai River near Burma.
  • Present a talk to our Hamilton community on our most recent trip to Asia.


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