Educating Refugees from Burma Since 1997

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501(C)3 letterThis letter originally written in 1998, certifies our tax exempt status with the IRS. It also grants our Employer Identification Number (EIN number) as 16-1523586.
990 formHere is a copy of the standard IRS 990 form required of all 501c(3) organizations.
annual reportThe Annual Report is written just after the Board of Trustees meeting in April. It presents a financial report on the preceding calendar year, and a report on the trip to Asia in January.
enotes Enotes are decorated emails sent by BREF about ten times a year. They report on stories of refugee children, the trip to Asia, and other activities of the foundation. The archive of all past enotes is contained here.
historyThis space is reserved for the yet unwritten history of BREF.
mapThis contains a map of the regions in Thailand, India, and Bangladesh where we work, and the names of volunteers who help us.
papersHere is contained a variety of articles, papers and statements written by us and our Asian Volunteers.
videosDianne Becker, the Chair of our Board of Trustees and a photo-journalist has visited us in Thailand and India. She has made several short videos of our work. Also we have collected a few videos from the internet which relate to refugees from Burma.

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